There’s Art in Letting Go

There’s art in letting go

It’s not easy to take a stand and stop caring when every fiber in your body screams the opposite

There’s art in letting go

Accepting the truth – your truth – is a long and painful trip from point A to Happy

There’s art in letting go

Learning how to breathe again will make you feel like you’re trying to gasp air in the bottom of Marinara Trench

There’s art in letting go

But then something magical happens; life gets easier.



To My Best Friend

I love you

Yes, you read that right

I love you

No, I don’t want to get married to you

I don’t want babies or a house or three cats with you

This is just perfect

Your arms are always open

There’s warmth in your smile

You didn’t laugh at me that one time 4 am you caught me crying over a John Green book

Every time I get my heart broken, you stock up on ice cream and let me eat most of it

Every time I come to your place crying, you just hug me tight

I’ll probably have never the courage to say these things to you aloud

Because that would make me anxious (more than usually) and probably give you a panic attack and we’d stop speaking and the world would end

But know this, I love you

This is just enough

What We Were

Since I moved to Stockholm, I’ve been taking some time from writing. Yesterday, it came back to me and now I feel like sharing something.

We were what we were

We consumed time like it was nothing 

As if it was only pennies from a piggy bank we thought we’d never need again

But pennies don’t last forever and time flies by so fast

Now I walk alone looking for pennies on the cobblestone paths in the old town

I need to replace what I gave away 


Runobattle: Ruuhkavuodet

Puhelimessani on 18 herätystä aamuksi

Työsähköpostissani on 400 ihmistä, joille juttelen viikottain

Jääkaapissani on viisi vanhentunutta juotavaa jukurttia, kolme huonoa banaania ja lukuisia muistoja viime kuulta

Puhelimessani on satoja lukemattomia viestejä

Työpäivässäni on 16 tuntia

Elämässäni on enemmän palasia kuin pelejä

30 lähestyy nopeammin kuin koskaan, kun elää viikossa kaksi viikkoa kerrallaan

Sanojen määrä lisääntyy samalla kun niiden merkitykset vähenevät