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I’m back

Alright, it’s been pretty much a small infinity since I’ve updated this. But I never ever stopped writing! Nor could I even if I wanted to =)

Um, anyhow, I’m going to start posting some stuff in Finnish and in English. So bear with me. Or don’t, you can just skedaddle away.

with love and sugary sweetness




Pain takes your breath away.

It hums in the back of your mind,

feeding you a false sense of security.

It’ll all come crashing down, run

run away.


Happiness scares you, nothing

hurts more than loss

and that’s what it’s all about.

What you’re going to lose, how much

it’s going to hurt

and you’ll be with your false sense of security again.

You create pain to feel safe

look in the mirror and

call yourself an abomination.


Drigting away or closer

Walking to or walking from

These thoughts take me away

Near, far, close, there


Thinking silently or aloud

Talking in whispers

I’m in love but I’m not proud

Of how I got here


I’m drifting away from you

But I’m closer than ever

I’m swimming

But there’s no water


These thoughts come to a conclusion

Nothing is resolved

Everything stays a mystery

And, I’m still drifting

This is something I wrote in high school but it still makes me smile =)

My Sanctuary:

It was the softest place in the whole world. I could feel that the whole atmosphere was filled with serenity. The air even smelled like soft cotton wool and it filled my nostrils sending me into a sweet bliss.

Just seeing the silky and cool hills made me sigh out of happiness and all I wished to do was to feel the cloudy softness with my whole body. I wanted to let my eyes rest on the deep ocean of the materials on which I wanted to lie on.

Suddenly, I found myself plunging into the depths of the hills. It felt just like I had imagined but now I could taste the comfortableness. It was like some soft ice but not too sweet or too cold, just perfect. I started feeling warm all over as if spring had replaced a cold winter. I wanted to stay in the moment forever.

I felt a tingling sensation in my toes and the feeling kept going upper and upper until it reached my nose. I felt drowsy but hyper. It was sweet but enough sour to prevent me from feeling sick. I listened to the screaming silence and felt content. I sniffled the air and smelled the lovely warm cottony smell. The feeling overall, felt like sitting on a huge soft but bumpy cloud with a lollipop on my hand. Like the sun was shining but it wasn’t too bright.

I knew I had found my very own place in the world. I knew it would be only mine in a few minutes. I only needed to wait for my Mum to buy it. For finding my sanctuary, I can only thank furniture shops where you can test the beds before buying them. This is how I met my first love, sanctuary, big cloud of dreams and ocean of warmth. This was how I met my bed. 

Hello world!

Okay, so, here I am, writing my first blog under the name lovesugarsweet. Yes, the name’s tacky, no, there was no other available names.

Anywho, today or tomorrow or this week, I’ll post some fiction for you to read.